Lawn Maintenance

Our standard is a 3-point "cut, trim, blow" for a precise look. This includes:

- Cutting the grass

- Trimming around lawn edges

- Blowing away grass clippings from hardscapes


Cutting is performed weekly or bi-weekly.

Yard Maintenance

Fall & Spring Cleanups

Hedge Trimming

Mulch & Crushed Stone


Grass Repair


Brush Clearing

Storm Cleanups

Lawn Treatments


Weed & Crabgrass Treatment

Grub Treatment

Residential Snow Plowing

Plow Policy

Your property will be automatically plowed at the end of snow storms accumulating 3 inches or more.

Storms accumulating less than 3 inches will be plowed as-needed and require prior confirmation.

An invoice will be left in the mailbox with instructions on how to pay via card or check, due within 7 days.

Clients with cards saved on file will be charged automatically.

Follow-up services are full price.

Time-Sensitive Requests

If you need to be plowed before a specific time (due to work, school, etc.)
we will make a note on your account and plow before then.

If, after your initial plow, you need us to return, you will be added to the end of the queue.
Follow-up services are full price.