Lawn mowing: Our standard is a 3-point "cut, trim, blow" package which includes mowing the grass, trimming the lawn edges, and blowing away any clippings from nearby hardscapes for a precise look.

Lawn mowing can be performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time basis.


Our Plow Policy:

After your initial quote is established, you select to be added to either our Automatic Plow List or our Manual Plow List.

Automatic Plow List: Your property will be automatically plowed at the end of snow storms accumulating 3 inches or more.

Manual Plow List: Your property will be plowed as per request.

Time-Sensitive Requests: Unless otherwise specified, we will begin plowing when the snow has stopped. If you need to be plowed before a specific time (due to work, school, etc.) we will make a note on your account and will plow before then. If, after your initial plow, you need us to return the charge will be 1/2 of your regular price.

Popular Add-On's:

  • Salting & sanding
  • Walkway clearing
  • Mailbox access
  • Pet path


  • Weeding: We will identify weeds from dormant plants, remove the weed from the root, and haul away debris.


  • Edging: We will cut lawn separations along flower beds, driveways, and walking paths to give a clean-cut look.


  • Mulching: We will spread mulch across designated flower beds and sweep the delivery area clean of leftover dirt.


  • Hedge Trimming: We will prune and reshape shrubs and small trees to maintain a manicured exterior.


  • Planting: We will plant, fertilize, and water-in flowers, shrubs, and decorative trees.


  • Rototilling: We can rototill heavily matted dirt to prep for new grass seed, and rototill existing vegetable beds in the spring to prepare for the new year.


  • Flower bed creation & renovation: We will edge, till, and apply loam or mulch to create new flower beds or renovate existing ones. We can also help with flower bed design.


  • Fall and spring clean-up: We will remove seasonal natural debris from the property.


  • Junk removal: We will dismantle and haul away scrap and non-natural debris.


  • Storm clean-up: We will remove fallen trees, tree limbs, and storm debris from the yard. We cannot remove fallen debris from buildings.


  • Brush clearing: We will clear heavily over-grown areas of weeds, briers, bushes, vines, etc. We can then renovate the clearings into fresh lawn or mulch beds.